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>> reporter: engineers developed the unmanned dragon capsule. they launched it from cape canaveral in florida. it's cruising towards the space station. it's due to dock in three days 400 kilometers above the earth. it's carrying nearly a ton of food and experimental equipment. it's the first private company to handle a supply mission. it's contract with nasa the worth $1.6 billion. 11 more dragons are scheduled to fly. it's now heading toward the
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international space station but nasa is no longer line in space. china and india are racing to catch up. nasa is now free to focus on its new mission, reaching to mars. >> what i call a historical event in space flight. it marks the official start of commercial resupply missions by american companies operating out of u.s. space ports like the one right here in florida. >> reporter: nasa officials need to spend their limited funds carefully. he said americans need to nurture the next generation to keep their leadership and development of space. some children wake up and cringe at the thought of heading to the schoolyard. they know that bullies are
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waiting for them. we have two reports on how schools in australia and the u.s. are handling the problem. >> reporter: this high school in australia has set up program to get students to confront the issue of bullying and look at the way to tackle it. >> what kind of characteristics might the person have that lead them to bully? >> sexuality. >> reporter: the professor is one of australia's leading authority on bullying. he's been invited to lead a class addressing issue. gh he gets the students to give their opinion on why puling happ bullying happens and why they can stop it. >> what might they say? >> stop.
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>> stop. what else? >> tell someone. >> you go look for -- >> a teacher. >> you bring in the staff. >> reporter: he says life standards play a key role in stopping bullies. >> the research showed that 50% of the time the bullying stop when they do say something then the bullying is likely to stop. >> you can prevent that for sticking the up for someone or notify someone else about it. it's an easy way to get rid of it and prevent it in the future. >> i think that they took the matter very seriously and came up with sensible suggestions. if they are keen on trying to do something about bullying that can make a massive difference. >> most u.s. states have enacted
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laws against bullying. educators there are taken a different approach. >> reporter: in new jersey a new anti-bullying law took effect from september 2011. the state law once bullying is observed schools are required to look into it immediately, notify parents and take steps to tackle it. this middle school has the anti-bully bill of rights. the school counselor was appointed last year as the school's anti-bullying specialist. >> this is my anti-bullying bible. >> reporter: the law requires
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each school district to create its on antibullying program. the program sets out detail procedure to follow when bullying occurs and steps for dealing with the bully. when bullying is reported, they begin the investigation and contact offender. they also contact after school counseling. the law stipulates the student can be suspended or expelled and reported to the police if it's serious. >> the benefit about the law is it's a must so every school district has to handle a report in the same way. there's no gray area and it's not something that is really subjective. >> japan has no laws dealing with school bullying but local
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governments have started passing regulations to address the issue. they are informing educators, parents and others in the community that they have a responsibility to protect chdren. people in tokyo, including myself, ar wearing warmer clothes today. it's a chilly morning. >> it's really cool. i wore a jacket in on my way to work. we had cooler conditions and less windy conditions. those conditions led to overnight cooling. today it's going to be the same story. we're going to see clear skies throughout the day today. out west this is a low pressure system producing heavy snow and showers in north eastern china that will be moving towards the korean peninsula.
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pr the tropical storm has been weakened to a low. it brings in drenching rain in northern parts of thailand. out east there's a typhoon. it's a strong typhoon. sustained winds are 126 kilometers per hour with gusts up to 108. it's going to strengthen into a strong typhoon. we're not sure where the system is going. we'll keep you posted. temperatures are looking like this. 22 degrees in seoul. it should be cooling down into the upper teens as the rain comes in on wednesday. tokyo nice and comfortable. 23 degrees and out west just on target only 8 degrees expected. movie ining into the americas. you can see this storm.
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we've got a very potent storm tracking over the great lakes bringing heavy snow showers in central canada. the heaviest snow is going to be found in the western parts of ontario. heavy rain will spread into the central parts of the mississippi river lley into tomorrow and back behind a cold front. criminal fire weather is imposed in parts of wyoming, eastern nebraska as well as iowa into tonight. heavy rain shards will gradually weaken as we head into tonight. very cool air coming from the north. frost advisory and freeze warnings are posted in the appalacians. temperatures aring looing quite chilly for this time of year. only 15 degrees expected in
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washington and chicago at 19 degrees. only 5 degrees in winnipeg. let's go over to europe. a strong low bring in snow showers and heavy rain in the southern peninsula. thunderstorms in italy. east in turkey will make its way toward the east. temperatures are looking seasonal in many locations. here is your extended forecast.
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>> that wraps up this edition of "newsline." . thanks for joining us.
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